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Tea is ubiquitous in China, but good tea is rare. Since 1991, LockCha has been thoughtfully curating first-class Chinese tea for you. LockCha opened our second tea house at Tai Kwun in Central in 2018. This tea house brings the nostalgia of the east-meets-west old Hong Kong back to life by inheriting Tai Kwun’s cultural characteristics. Also, tea cocktails and tea beers are specially developed to embark patrons on a brand-new tea journey.

Tai Kwun store combines the finest elements from east and west to accommodate your contemporary chic life and taste. Apart from our classic Canton-style tea houses décor, we have dedicated a roomy bar counter to allowing patrons to appreciate how their tea is selected and brewed, and an outdoor area for casual yet decent dining experience. Here we also serve a curation of 100+ tea and vegetarian dim sum plus the Tai Kwun exclusive drinks–our LockCha tea cocktails and LockCha tea beers.

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Promotion & Events

Launch of new vegetarian dim-sum “Fried Wontons with HK Style Sweet Tomato Sauce”

Lock Cha Tea House has been rooted in Hong Kong for many years. In addition to introducing high-quality tea leaves and promoting tea culture, we have always upheld the philosophy of "Craftsmanship and Supporting Local" by carefully selecting a variety of local ingredients and incorporating them into our signature vegetarian dishes.

Many of the dishes on the dining table use ingredients and sauces from well-established local brands. The wrapper used in the “Fried Wontons with HK Style Sweet Tomato Sauce” is made from Kang Kee Noodles Food. The soy sauce used in the fried noodles is from Tai Ma Sauce. Enjoying these dishes allows us to learn more about local Hong Kong brands.

Promotional period : 1 – 30 June 2024

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The Stories Behind...

Open up the storybook of Tai Kwun, and the stories behind the shops— in addition to the history—slowly unfold at Tai Kwun’s hidden spots. “The Stories Behind” video series narrates the hidden stories of Tai Kwun’s shops & restaurants, where you discover the beautiful people and surrounding objects, and explore the beauty of life inside the historical compound.

LockCha Tea House

Enjoy a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city by visiting an authentic tea house situated at our Parade Ground. There you can explore the world of tea with the Tea Master - Ip Wing Chi, who is sure to fill your soul with inspiration.

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