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LOVERAMICS is an international brand.  We design and manufacture lovely ceramics for the energetic youth, the contemporary lovers.  From coordinating tableware, kitchen prep tools to coffee making, we design timeless pieces for everyone.

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Promotion & Events

Loveramics is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new art project in collaboration with David Leung, titled "Beasts Love Earth."

David Leung is an artist who sees his food images with a pareidolia mind. From his dining experience photography, he reimagines them into surreal faces of never seen before creatures. He started this art journey in digital art (NFT) and moved to prints, now this is the first time to expand into a new format which is most relevant to his creative process – A ceramic plate.

Both Loveramics and Beasts From Feasts are food lovers with kind hearts and they would love to contribute to the world positively. So we decide to join hands and produce this limited edition of 500 sets of plates and the profit will be donated for planting 500 trees on Earth. 

The above content is provided by LOVERAMICS