Tai Kwun Loves Its Neighbourhood

Tai Kwun Loves Its Neighbourhood




Eating is an art, and at Tai Kwun we consider ourselves culinary curators! Right at the heart of Central, Tai Kwun is surrounded by delicious delicacies. We asked our staff to choose their favourite restaurants in the area – here are some of their picks

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Recommended Restaurants

What to Eat

Firstly introducing Taiwanese food "what to eat" that often has long queues! Listening to the Taiwanese boss's Mandarin, eating the authentic salty crispy chicken, for a moment you find yourself in Taiwan! 

Address:75-77 Wyndham St

Kane Tsuru Ramen

Kane Tsuru Ramen, a Japanese restaurant. We recommend you try their extra-rich chicken white soup ramen and eel rice!

Address: 39 Hollywood Rd

Prime Pho      

Vietnamese spot Prime Pho offers refreshing dishes for hot summer days – try their rice paper rolls for a refreshing treat or their traditional pho for an authentic taste of Vietnam.

Address:Shop 10, 1/F, My Central, 23 Graham Street, Central

Nom Nom Dumpling

Feeling snacky? Head to Nom Nom Dumplings for fried dumplings or their famous wontons!

Address:55 Wellington St

Lan Fong Yuen

A Hong Kong classic in its own right, Lan Fong Yuen is one of the city’s most historic cha chaan tengs, head to the vibrant green stall on Gage Street for their famous HK-style milk tea or spring onion oil noodles – made in-house, all day, every day.

Address2 Gage St

Big JJ Seafood Hotpot Restaurant

Big JJ Seafood Hotpot Restaurant is a vibrant spot with a playful attitude. Enjoy elevated Hong Kong classic chicken and beef rice dishes made with the freshest ingredients possible.

Address9 Wo On Ln


If you have room for dessert, head over to Bakehouse to enjoy a selection of tasty treats, including sourdough croissants, egg tarts, and popular pastries.

Address:5 Staunton St

Taiwanese Mazu Lifestyle Noodles

Stop at Taiwanese Mazu Lifestyle Noodles for a nutritious and tasty lunch or dinner, we recommend their signature chicken rice noodles.

Address:6-7 Wo On Ln

 Ahimsa Buffet  

If you're looking for vegetarian options, stop by Ahimsa Buffet for a variety of incredible plant-based dishes, from appetizers to desserts, enjoy a wide array of delicious plant-based treats.

Address:Shop 5, G/F, My Central, 23 Graham Street, Central

Law Fu Kee

A prime spot for Hong Kong favourites – Law Fu Kee offers comforting congee and wonton noodles as well as their famous fried dace balls. Visit Law Fu Kee for a variety of congee, noodles, and delicious snacks - there is something for everyone!  

Address:50 Lyndhurst Terrace