The Stories Behind…

The Stories Behind…




Open up the storybook of Tai Kwun, and the stories behind the shops— in addition to the history—slowly unfold at Tai Kwun’s hidden spots. Look closer, and you see how each chapter is followed by the spirit of the artisan, the persistence of craftsmanship, or the pursuit of taste. “The Stories Behind” video series narrates the hidden stories of Tai Kwun’s shops & restaurants, where you discover the beautiful people and surrounding objects, and explore the beauty of life inside the historical compound.


Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery & Kwai Fung Salone

Kwai Fung’s Galleries are inside the Police Headquarters Block and the Barrack Block. They specialise in modern art from the 20th century, as well as Asian contemporary art. You can wander around the two fascinating gallery spaces with Catherine Kwai, Founder & CEO of Kwai Fung Hin, as they share a space with an unlimited imagination.


A contemporary art gallery located at Block 03 Barrack Block, Ora-Ora has established itself as a force and catalyst for innovation and openness of expression. Henrietta Tsui-Leung, Founder of Ora-Ora, guides us to explore the art world with unforeseen perspectives, to discover the influence of art on all of us.


Located at Block 03 Barrack Block, MASSIMODECARLO Gallery serves as an energetic cultural environment in which western and Asian cultures can merge and dialogue together. Senior director Claudia Albertini tirelessly shares with us gallery’s different missions.

Touch Ceramics & Touch Gallery

This is an art space and studio of handmade ceramics and porcelains located at Block 03 Barrack Block. Enders WONG, Founder and Director of Touch, talks about the significance of ceramics in our daily lives. You get to deepen the understanding of ceramics through the story, and see the dynamics between ceramic art and other media.

Yuen’s Tailor

A local branded tailor’s shop who served the British armed forces in Hong Kong sits at Block 03 Barrack Block of Tai Kwun. Bonny Yuen, Founder of Yuen’s Tailor, is a bespoke tailor with over 50 years’ experience, and he shares his legendary story and the spirit of being an devoted artisan.


The leading art-book publisher TASCHEN opened its first flagship store in Asia at Tai Kwun Block 01 Police Headquarters Block. Discover the origins and vision of TASCHEN you will find out how everything began at a small comics bookstore…

Between Coffee

Spaciously tucked inside JC Contemporary, a speciality coffee destination awaits your discovery. Step inside, explore the creative space and follow their brand stories. You will find that Between Coffee offers more than just coffee, with its unique integration of art into everyday life.


A modern pasta bar found along the Parada Ground, PAZTA presents an authentic Italian experience from its decorations to its food offerings. Immerse yourself in Italian culture and experience PAZTA’s unique brand story and lifestyle.

LockCha Tea House

Enjoy a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city by visiting an authentic tea house situated at our Parade Ground. There you can explore the world of tea with the Tea Master - Ip Wing Chi, who is sure to fill your soul with inspiration.

Sushi Zo

Experience the Michelin awarded omakase restaurant inside Block 01 of the Police Headquarters. Embark on a gastronomic journey and savour in the secrets of its awe-inspiring tastes, from ingredients sourcing to menu engineering.

Phoenix Sweets

Hunting for the sweetest treats in town? Look no further than our bespoke confectionery brand, situated on the second floor of Tai Kwun’s Barrack Block. Phoenix Sweets will satisfy your sweet tooth dreams. Watch as Phoenix Hui, Owner of Phoenix Sweets, shares her sweet journey and the inspirations behind her artisan sweets.

Madame Fù - Grand Café Chinois

Enjoy sophisticated yet relaxed dining in the contemporary Chinese restaurant, Madame Fù, located atop of Barrack Block. Discover their unique brand story and explore the six distinctive dining rooms that serve a range of exquisite delicacies in an artistic ambience.


Get closer to nature with our various botanical workshops at bonart inside the Barrack Block. Upon discovering the brand vision of bonart, you’ll be sure to be inspired by their touch of zen and the beauty within the imperfections of the natural world.

Café Claudel

A French-styled getaway awaits you at the Parisian café seated in Parade Ground. From authentic French delicacies to an alfresco dining area with a spectacular view, you will find Café Claudel is full of the classic charm of Paris!

The areas shown in the video were cleared during filming with no public access.