Artist’s Choice

Artist’s Choice: Ocean Leung
Bullets Over Summer screening and artist’s talk

Artist’s Choice: Andrew Luk
Phase IV Screening & Artist’s Talk

Artist’s Choice: Tsang Kin-Wah
6 + 1 Days (1st half cycle) + Le Gai Savoir Screening & Artist’s Talk

Artist’s Choice: Yan Wai Yin
Terror Nullius + Breathless Animals Screening & Artist’s Talk

Artist’s Choice: Ocean Leung
Bullets Over Summer screening and artist’s talk

Artist’s Choice: Ann Hui
“Floating Clouds” Film Screening and Artist’s Talk

Artist’s Choice: Wong Wai Yin Coffee and Cigarettes Film Screening and Artist’s Talk

Artist’s Choice: Leung Lee Chi Taxi Driver Film Screening and Artist’s Talk

Artist's Choice: Hon Lai Chu A Reading of The Unbearable Lightness of Being and Artist's Talk

Artist’s Choice: Ho Sin Tung March Comes in Like a Lion Film Screening and Artist’s Talk

Artist’s Choice: Law Yuk Mui Screening of Excerpts from The Assassin and Artist’s Talk

Date & Time

13 Aug 2021 7pm-10pm


JC Cube




1999 / Hong Kong / 88 min / Colour / 35mm / in Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

As an unorthodox and reckless detective duo, Mike (Francis Ng) and Brian (Louis Koo)’s latest mission is to track down and arrest the cold-blooded robber Dragon. Mike and Brian go undercover in the older sectors of Kennedy Town, and come across a motley crew of characters: a demented granny who provides shelter for them, the pregnant Jennifer who runs a laundry shop on her own, Yen, a street kid who habitually skips class and is out for trouble. Despite the constraints of a small budget, Bullets Over Summer strives to defy the expectations of genre by imbuing comic and romantic elements into a typical crime-action drama.

Visually violent and discordant, the artist Ocean Leung’s works usually plant lucid observations and critiques under a crude surface. His works find resonance in Bullets Over Summer’s volatility and local flavour; the artist is very much touched by the film’s energetic, mischievous atmosphere and the heavy-handed yet delightful plots. Following the screening, Leung will take Bullets Over Summer as a starting point and go on to share his recent artistic themes and inclinations, and how to extract inspiration from images and spaces from city life.

The artist’s talk will be conducted in Cantonese, with simultaneous interpretation to English provided.

Artist Bio

Ocean Leung

Ocean Leung’s artistic practice involves observation and intervention through flaneuring, sometimes working with found images and ready-made objects, so as to explore the interplay between art and its plights. The result appears in the form of object, installation and video, exhibited to accumulate a visual disruption.

Recent exhibitions include a solo called ”fleshed out nails” (ACO Art Space, 2020) and group shows such as “Residual Heat” (Axel Vervoordt Gallery, 2021), “The World is A Show For My Chosen Eyes Delight" (Gallery Exit, 2021), “Borrowed Scenery” (Cattle Depot, 2019) and “Café do Brasil” (Para Site, 2019).

Leung co-curated the exhibition “No Neverland” (Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, 2017), “Any Other Business'' (The Office, 2017), community based art project “Yau Ma Tei Self-Rescue Project” (Wooferten, 2012) and “P-at-Riot: June-Fourth Festival for Post-80s generation” (2009). He is also the producer of two independent documentary films “Open Road After Harvest'' (Hong Kong, 2015) and “The Way of Paddy” (Hong Kong, 2013). In 2018, Ocean founded an artist collective, Epical Chamber. Born in 1983, Leung lives in Hong Kong. He graduated from the Department of Fine Arts (BA), The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2006, and obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree (MFA) in 2016 from Graduate School of the same university. Leung is now a high school visual art teacher.