Breathing with Trees

Breathing with Trees

Breathing with Trees

Breathing with Trees: Lunch-time Tours with Curator

Talking Trees: Creative Sound Walk

Walk-stone wall tree in Central neighborhood

Make a "Tree" and Bring it Home

Drawing Life (Summer Solstice: Labour Day For Trees)

Date & Time

8 Jul - 12 Sep, 2022 10am - 7pm


Block 01 Duplex Studio


Free of charge


Artists: Lau Chi Chung, Marshmallow Laser Feast, Ng Ka Chun, Anson Wong, Zheng Bo

Throughout all the world’s cultures, trees have always had an intimate connection with us physically, biologically, and emotionally. Apart from providing us with food, shelter, and clean air, trees are silent witnesses to our transient existence, as they remain rooted in one place throughout their lives.

However, trees are as mortal as human beings. They constantly face existential threats arising from the damages inflicted on the environment by mankind’s insatiable appetite for consumption and thoughtless expansion. Pollution, deforestation, logging, urban expansion, and climate change pose clear dangers for the future of trees, as super typhoon Mangkut unforgettably demonstrated in 2018, leaving 55,000 trees devastated in its wake.

This exhibition acknowledges the vital role that trees play in our daily lives and explores some of the most advanced ways of protecting, preserving, and nurturing them to ensure future generations can continue to enjoy the benefits that trees bring to us.

VR 360° virtual tour

Exhibition Views

Breathing with Trees

Marshmallow Laser Feast
Treehugger: Wawona
VR installation

Jockey Club Smart City Tree Management
Project (2018-2021)

Incense Tree

“Old and Valuable Trees Registry” and
Landscaped Artifacts by Lau Chi Chung


The Race to save Tai Kwun’s Candlenut Trees

Exhibition Guidebook