Campo Marzio Exhibition & Workshops

Campo Marzio Exhibition & Workshops

Date & Time

1 Jun - 25 Jul, 2020


Shop 03-G07


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Campo Marzio

【Francesco Lietti - COLORS OF ASIA Exhibition】


The moment Francesco set foot in Asia the first time he was absorbed by the vibrancy, the energy, and the beauty of its people, landscapes, and cityscapes. The number of possibilities, stories, and adventures seemed limitless and ready for him to plunge into and explore: the aromas, tastes, and colors are almost inebriating.

Painting is a fluid act, which allows the artist to re-live certain experiences and adventures, many of which are related to travel and discovery. After digesting these experiences, he brings them to life, almost subliminally, onto the canvas. The composition, the choice of colors, and the key elements of the painting begin to appear. Francesco relaxes into the process and refines what's already there, layer-by-layer, element-by-element, color-by- color, until the memory of the place, the adventure, is brought to life.

In Colors of Asia, Lietti shows a collection of his works while providing insightful, behind the scenes looks at the making of his paintings: the inspiration, the experiences, and the passion.

Artist Biography
Francesco Lietti has been living in Hong Kong since early 2006 and his love of this vibrant, eclectic city is immediately apparent in his works, which derives from the mnemonic imagery of the artist, who lives in symbiosis with the themes of travel and discovery.

Date:  1 JUN - 25 JUL, 2020
Time: 10am-8pm
Venue: Campo Marizo

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