Diageo Whisky Academy Level 1 course: The Whisky Crawls

Diageo Whisky Academy Level 1 course: The Whisky Crawls

Date & Time

18 - 21 Jul, 2019 (18.07 / 19.07) 1:30pm / 6pm; (20.07 / 21.07) 12pm / 4pm


Shop 03-3/F




Madame Fu - Grand Café Chinois

Diageo Whisky Academy Level 1 course: The Whisky Crawls

DWA Level 1 is an entry-level course for the general public and aims to popularize whisky culture. Participants will be able to explore: origins and basic categories of whiskies, experience the different styles and flavours of whiskies, taste 5 typical scotch whiskies and enhance their professional knowledge of whiskies. The lecturers of this course are a group of professional brand ambassadors of Diageo. Guest lecturer Alex Whang, Brand and Training Ambassador of Diageo will host the academy alongside other professional lecturers from the Diageo group. As the Keeper of the Quaich, Alex will guide participants through the flavour and perception of whisky.

Diageo is dedicated to building the Diageo Whisky Academy (DWA), with world renowned whisky experts. The DWA has been launched around the world, and this will be the first official launch in Hong Kong on 15th July at at Madame Fù Grand Café Chinois, Tai Kwun, Central. It is set to be an important event for local whisky lovers.

The huge collection of whisky barrels in Diageo’s warehouse contributes massive data for professional experience during DWA whisky activities. By virtue of Diageo's strong appeal in the industry, the links and contents of the experience activities are designed by a team of more than 20 experts of scotch whisky (including the research grade doctors), including Charles Maclean (known as "global whisky authority"), famous whisky writer Dave Broom, whisky expert Steven Lin, Dr. Nick Morgan (representative of scotch whisky industry authority, and Keepers of the Quaich), the "Chinese whisky encyclopedia" Sam Lu Qing Sheng and other whisky masters. Based on their rich experience and profound knowledge, they carefully built the most accurate and systematic approach to the whisky industry.

DWA, a worldwide professional whisky education course, has been well recognized, with more than 30,000 participants who have obtained certificates successfully in greater China alone. Through the three-level course and examination, participants gain a comprehensive knowledge about whisky, and then understand the styles and traditions of scotch whisky accurately and master the professional whisky tasting skills.

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