Tai Kwun Dance Season 2019

Mind Flowing – Workshop / Showcase / Battle

Dream Team by Dana Ruttenberg (Israel)

Morphing by Enoch Cheng (HK)

Mind Flowing – Workshop / Showcase / Battle

MMM:RE by McMuiMui Dansemble (HK)

16 Strings and One Body by Renana Raz (Israel)

Toscanini String Quartet Concert

Date & Time

12 - 13 Oct, 2019 Please refer to the programme timetable


Parade Ground


Free of charge



Chan Wing Yip

The ultimate stillness generates the greatest energy—learn to control your mind and apply that power to dance like there is no tomorrow! The two-day Mind Flowing is the perfect chance to unwind your body and mind. Through contact improvisation, house and hip-hop, an arrayof dance allows you to discover your body in ways you have never imagined before. On the second day, dance crews from Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan will showcase their signature moves. Truly a feast of dance at one stop!

Production: Chan Wing Yip

  • Recommended for all ages

Free Admission

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Programme Timetable

12.10.2019 (SAT)

10am – 11am

Stretch and Relaxation Workshop by Sunny Yang (Taiwan)

11am – 12pm

House Workshop by Kazukiyo (Japan)

12:30pm – 1:30pm

Hip-hop Workshop by Kyogo (Japan)

1:30pm – 2:30pm

Freestyle Concepts Workshop by Future (USA)

2:30pm – 5:15pm

All Style 1on1 Battle [Special Edition] *

4:15pm – 4:35pm│ Guest Showcase

  • Masks – Way & Henry (Taiwan)
  • Dlytos (HK)

│ Judge Showcase

  • Kazukiyo (Japan)
  • Kyogo (Japan)

13.10.2019 (SUN)

10:30am – 12pm

Movement Creative Workshop by Sunny Yang (Taiwan)

12pm – 3:15pm

Experimental 1on1 Battle#

2:15pm – 2:35pm│ Guest Showcase

  • Les Petites Choses Production (Taiwan)
  • Kazukiyo (Japan)
  • Kyogo (Japan)

│ Judge Showcase

  • Future (USA)
  • Bruce Wong (HK)
  • Sunny Yang (Taiwan)

* Registration of All Style 1on1 Battle will be opened from 11:45pm to 12:30pm on the day

# Onsite registration of Experimental 1on1 Battle will be opened from 10am to 11am on the day

Chan Wing Yip

Yip was graduated from HKBU Physical Education and Recreation Management. He was the Team Leader of HKBU Dance Association and trained in BCDC for Hip-hop and Jazz.  Yip is a freestyle Hip Hop dancer, choreographer, dance instructor and versatile performer.

His dance crew Asylum had won in several Local dance contest and Solo Battle e.g. 2012 and 2013 - Champions of UDC Street Dance Contest, 2016 Champion of 2016 You Hiphop All Style 4on4, 2017 Hiphop 2on2 Champion of Battle Kids, 2018 Hiphop 1on1 Champion of Dance Hood (Macau). In 2014, Yip co-choreography with local artist Billy Chan for HKBU in Joint Universities Dance Competition had won the Champion and the Best Choreographer Award.

Yip is also active in Theatre performances:
Autistic Genuis - F.L.O.W., Malade18+
Justyne Li - Human Internship
Cyrus Hui - CroXXing
New Vision Festival - Momentiary Utopia
Max Li - Galaxy Dreamer (Australia Tour)
Theatre Ash and David Glass - City Of Darkness
CCDC Realshowcase Serie - Happily Forgotten
HK Art Festival - Prog2 - The Battle Zone
Neo Dance HK - Soul Casting
Hook Dance Theatre - Stay/Away

Yip is now the convener of Hong Kong Street Dance Development Alliance HKSDDA, which made the biggest local Street Dance Event "Hong Kong Street Dance Championships" from 2014 till now. In the coming 2019 Feb, HKSDDA will have its first Street Dance Theatre Project "The Box - Street Style Lab", aim on bringing Street Dance to a higher artistic form.