Tai Kwun Season Highlights


Date & Time

1 Jun - 31 Aug, 2022




Free of charge

Tai Kwun is thrilled to come fully to life after our city’s difficult winter and spring seasons to quench the city’s thirst for creativity with a profusion of captivating and awe-inspiring programmes throughout the summer season. At the heart of our summer programming is our biggest contemporary art event of 2022, occupying all of the gallery spaces of JC Contemporary and F Hall Gallery, not to mention a few unexpected locations across the whole of Tai Kwun and recharging them with vibrancy and vitality.

With its intensely sensuous and immersive installations, the Behind Your Eyelid—Pipilotti Rist exhibition provokes investigations of the body and image, of outer settings and internal mindscapes, in order to prompt contemplative introspection. Meanwhile, another exhibition Breathing with Trees delves on the role of the forest as a quiet witness to humanity's fleeting existence. LauZone (Re-run), a critically acclaimed cabaret based on Chinese dialects, returns to the stage to wow audiences. While the co-curated UNESCO programme Tai Kwun Conversations: Urban Heritage Innovations is back with more thought-provoking dialogues on sustainable development. Hong Kong theatre veteran Olivia Yan and international physical theatre master and educator David Glass' beloved ÉLAN Lost Child also returns this summer to restore faith and hope.

Extending programming into the hours after dusk, Moonlight Cinema screens beloved and rare Hong Kong films, under the night skies in the Parade Ground. At the same time, emo gym poetically occupies experimental spaces for visitors to embrace deep connections and vulnerability. An exhibition to be remembered, Double Vision gestures towards memory and the murky everyday lines between truth, perception, and fiction.

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