Tai Kwun Movie Steps 2023

Tai Kwun Movie Steps- Hong Kong Animation Express (Nov - Dec 2023)

Date & Time

5 Nov - 10 Dec, 2023 4pm


Laundry Steps


Free of charge


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Animation Support Program

Tai Kwun Movie Steps – Hong Kong Animation Express

Tai Kwun once again inviting local veteran animator Lo Che Ying to curate a selection of works from the Animation Support Program (ASP). From November to December, we will organize five screening programs where audiences can enjoy original works by multiple Hong Kong animators at the semi-outdoor Laundry Steps. These works showcase the unique styles, diverse subject matters, and different animation techniques of various production teams.

Some of the participating works and creative teams have received awards at domestic and international film festivals, gaining recognition on the international stage. Everyone is cordially invited to witness the outstanding achievements of Hong Kong animation and enjoy the works of a talented group of local animators!

05.11.2023 (Sun)

Selected Works from the 10th Animation Support Programme*

12.11.2023 (Sun)

Selected Works from the 9th Animation Support Programme

19.11.2023 (Sun)

Selected Works from the 8th Animation Support Programme*

03.12.2023 (Sun)

Selected Works from the 8th &10th Animation Support Programme 2

10.12.2023 (Sun)

Selected Works from the 7th Animation Support Programme*

Sundays at 4pm
Location: Laundry Steps, Tai Kwun
Free Admission

*With sharing session
Screening sessions might be subject to change, please refer to latest updates at www.taikwun.hk

Promotion Video

Selected Works from the 10th Animation Support Programme

05.11.2023 (Sun) 4pm

Audiences can now enjoy the critically acclaimed Hong Kong animated film "Monsoon Blue" which has won multiple international awards. This film is infused with a distinct Hong Kong flavor. Another notable film is "Frankie" a touching animated documentary based on the life of the late Hong Kong animation director Frankie Chung.

In addition to these films, the program also features four brand-new Hong Kong animated short films, each with a unique style. Among them, "Monkey on My Back" creates a chilling atmosphere, while "Let’s Party Till the End" is a lively musical.

Screening List: Let's Party Till the End, 10 x 10, Monsoon Blue, Monkey on My Back, Inheritance, Frankie

Selected Works from the 9th Animation Support Programme

12.11.2023 (Sun) 4pm

This program features eight animated short films, with highlights including the rare stop-motion animation "STORE" which meticulously captures the essence of a Hong Kong-style small shop. It is intricately crafted and brimming with authenticity. "Helmetman" is another music-filled animation that beautifully depicts the relationship between a father and son. Additionally, there are award-winning films such as "THE SQUARE CITY" and an animated short film adaptation of the locally popular comic "Samba" titled "Samba Family : The First Day" which the original comic has been in publication for over ten years.

Screening List: The Giant with a House 2, Tête-bêche, BY THE SEA, Waterline, THE SQUARE CITY, STORE

Helmetman, Samba Family : The First Day

Selected Works from the 8th Animation Support Programme

19.11.2023 (Sun) 4pm

The highlight of this program is the award-winning film "Depths of Night" directed by Step C., which has received over ten international awards. Step C. brings a female perspective and personal experiences to this work, resulting in a hand-drawn style that is full of charm, and the animation effects are truly exceptional. Equally captivating is "Never Old Girl" by renowned illustrator Stella So, which also explores a female perspective but delves into a different topic. "How she lives her life" by Sand Animation is a rare gem of a work. In addition to these, there are four outstanding new local computer-animated films included in the lineup.

Screening List: Depths of Night, Nick The Lost Robot, co cotton, Tatakai Hime – Dictator’s Wrath, How she lives her life, tin1 haa6 taai3 ping4, Never Old Girl

Selected Works from the 8th &10th Animation Support Programme 2

03.12.2023 (Sun) 4pm

The majority of the 11 selected animated short films are predominantly hand-drawn, each showcasing a different little story based on the director's artistic vision. "HOME" is set in an animal shelter, characterized by a unique art style that is heartwarming and touching. "Pearl" presents abstract visuals with strong color contrasts, conveying a sense of underlying emotions. Both "You build a home in my mind" and "Nyala" are drawn with a personal touch, rich in artistic sensibility, while "Floor Elf" is another stop-motion animation film.

Screening List: HOME, River of Memories, R.I.P. Rest In Pinky, Pearl, Nyala, Floor Elf, Follow the Light, Cat Mask Boy’s Summer Holiday, You build a home in my mind, GO OFF SCRIPT, 3 3 Bakery

Selected Works from the 7th Animation Support Programme

10.12.2023 (Sun) 4pm

Local illustrator Bigsoil spent a year completing "Be with Me" a true record of his battle with illness, portrayed through characters he created. The Tsui Brothers' "Afternoon Tea Symphony" is set in a Hong Kong-style cha chaan teng (tea restaurant), filled with tantalizing Hong Kong cuisine that will make your mouth water.

"Mountain & Sea - Village of Muds" is witty, humorous, and endlessly entertaining. Along with four other animated films of different themes and styles, they form this captivating program.

Screening List: Our Guardian Spirit, Mountain & Sea - Village of Muds, Apopia: The Broken Crown, Have A Free Hand, Half, Be with Me, Afternoon Tea Symphony

Sharing Sessions

Some of the screening dates will include sharing sessions, where we have invited the talented creators behind the animations to engage in a live dialogue with the audience and share their creative insights. This provides a unique opportunity for the audience to not only appreciate exceptional local animation works but also gain a deeper understanding of the animation production process and the creative concepts behind them.

Date: 5 November 2023
Time: around 4:45pm (after the screening of Inheritance)
Guest speaker: Veteran animator Neco Lo Che-ying, director Allen Kai and director Crystal Tai

Date: 19 November 2023
Time: around 4:45pm (after the screening of Tatakai Hime – Dictator’s Wrath)
Guest speaker: Veteran animator Neco Lo Che-ying, director Hyden Mok and director Hoichiu

Date: 10 December 2023
Time: around 4:42pm (after the screening of Half)
Guest speaker: Veteran animator Neco Lo Che-ying, director Nic Ho, producer Ivana Lai and director Timmy Lee

*All screening sharing sessions will be conducted in Cantonese.