Tai Kwun X HKAPA: “Sherlock at Home”

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Tai Kwun X HKAPA: “Sherlock at Home”

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Date & Time

29 - 31 Jul, 2022 29.07.2022 | 9pm
30.07.2022 | 3pm, 6pm & 9pm
31.07.2022 | 3pm & 6pm






Co-presented by

Sherlock at Home is presented by students from the Drama School of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. It is a brand new online immersive detective theatre. You will play as a detective going into the isolation camp to dig into clues and directly question the suspects. Come catch the criminal!

The outbreak of the highly contagious pneumonia pandemic in Z city prompted the government to build an isolation camp for patients. Over thousands of patients are contained inside.

The missing confidential documents broke the peace in the camp and stirred up suspicious amongst the inmates. What are the secrets hidden behind the 6 suspects?

Fellow detectives, we need your help to put your wisdom and detective skills into good use.

Creative and Production Team

Programme Organiser & Performer: Tsang Wing Yam
Art Director, Video Director, Graphic Designer & Performer: Tsoi Suet Yi
Technical Director & Performer: Wu Lui Fung (Wu Fung)
Performer: Cheng Tsz Hei Simi, Chew Yu Yeung (Alex), Chin Wing Kar (Karkar), Mak Ho Tin
Technical Support: Yu Man Hin

Promotional Partner: Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association


  • The programme is conducted in Cantonese
  • Recommended for ages 16 and above
  • The performance will be conducted via Discord, participants may need to download and install the required software and bear the risk
  • Latecomers may not be admitted
  • Programmes are subject to change without prior notice. Tai Kwun reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the arrangements.
  • The events will adhere to the latest health and safety regulations and enforce social distancing measures

Promotion Video

About "Tai Kwun X HKAPA: On Stage Online"

Co-presented with the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, “Tai Kwun X HKAPA: On Stage Online” invites young creative minds from APA’s School of Drama to produce a series of online programmes. Unlike pre-recorded videos, these original programmes, written, directed and performed by the students, are presented in real-time on different online platforms. Audiences can enjoy theatre and music and even interact with the performers from the comfort of their homes.

The series provides a unique, innovative platform for local performing arts students to explore the unusual creative and performance models in the past two years and ultimately bring the locals an exciting and engaging online art experience.


Cheng Tsz Hei, Simi
Chew Yu Yeung, Alex
Chin Wing Kar, Karkar
Mak Ho Tin
Tsang Wing Yam
Tsoi Suet Yi
Wu Lui Fung, Wu Fung


A year one student at HKAPA Drama School, majoring in Acting, Cheng has actively participated in Hong Kong School Drama Festival and EMI Drama Fest before graduating from secondary school. She was a member of the Hong Kong Repertory Theater Youth Troupe in 2019.

Besides acting, Cheng has been a dancer since the age of 3 and has attained Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Graded Exams (Grade 10), graded with Outstanding. She has participated in various productions by the Hong Kong Dance Company (HKDC) Children’s & Youth Troupes. In 2019, she started her new journey in the Gifted Young Dancer Programme organised by HKAPA School of Dance.

Cheng also likes to sing. She has performed in different singing contests and shows. Recent musical productions she participated in: HKAPA Excel Summer Musical School’s The Addams Family (2019) and HKAPA’s Lucky Stiff (2022).

Cheng likes African American music and dislikes eating bread. Her dream is to become a versatile artist, and she doesn’t want to be limited.


Chew is currently a Year-4 student in HKAPA, Majoring in Acting. He participated in the school productions: "Ng Wong The Swordsman", "Songs of Innocence and Experience." He also participated the production, "Pride & Prejudice", in Chung Ying Theater Company (Internship).

Chew loves singing and lyrics writing in Cantonese. He has participated in the musicals "Who Are You? 2.0" and "塞住嗮" by The Jockey Club Lei Tung Integrated Services Centre of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals.


Chin is currently a Year-1 student in HKAPA Drama School, majoring in Acting. She has been awarded HKAPA Recruitment & Outstanding Scholarships in 2021/22. In her first school production “Songs of Innocence and Experience”, she performed as a live band musician with guzheng, cello, violin, piano, electric guitar, bass guitar and ukulele.

Chin loves singing and dancing especially ballet, contemporary and pole dance.  She has attained RAD Advanced 1 Ballet with Distinction and CSTD Grade 6 Modern Jazz with Honours.  She was also trained in PTI Professional Physical Theatre Youth Training Programme in 2018.

Chin graduated from the School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK in 2019 and worked as a News Anchor and Reporter in i-Cable News.  She is a perfectionist who likes to work all the time, forget her meals and sleep less, but paradoxically she gets fed up easily.


Graduated from the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Humanities of HKBU in 2018. He is currently a year 4 student in the Drama School of the HKAPA, majoring in Acting.

Mak participated in the school productions: "飛吧!臨流鳥,飛吧!" (Internship), Love and Information, Songs of Innocence and Experience.

Productions outside during his studies: Hong Kong Dramatists "Quarantine Can’t Stop Our Creativity - 海嘯", Hong Kong Arts Centre "Playwright’s Studio 8 - Loop", Teens Theatre "人魚之淚 (Re-run)" (Director), "奇幻王國-稻草人之約" (Director).

Programme Organiser & Performer

Tsang is currently a year-one student in HKAPA Drama programme, majoring in Acting.

She participated in Bravo! The Hong Kong Youth Theatre Award Scheme, Annual production "謫仙 (Re-run)" , "奇幻王國-稻草人之約" in Teens Theatre.

During this academic year, she was awarded the "Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship" and participated in school production, "The Blinds".

Tsang is an ENFP with multiple interests including acting, singing, dancing, piano, boxing, figure skating and Korean language.

Art Director, Video Director, Graphic Designer & Performer

Tsoi is currently a year 1 student in HKAPA, majoring in Acting. She graduated from the School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK in 2021, concentrating in creative media production. She enjoys the stage, singing, moving pictures and self-deprecation. She excels in graphic design, video production, selective social anxiety and quoting pretentious English wordings in daily conversations.

Tsoi was awarded the ‘HKAPA Recruitment and Outstanding Scholarship’ and participated in the 2022 school production, "Lucky Stiff".

Technical Director, Performer

Wu is currently a year 1 student in HKAPA, majoring in Acting. He loves performing arts, such as music. He is a quick learner as he can merely play a lot of instruments. He is good at observing and arguing with schoolmates. He participated in the school production, Songs of Innocence and Experience as a live band musician.