Become a Supplier

How We Procure

Our Procurement Team is responsible for the procurement of goods and services on behalf of Tai Kwun. We buy a range of goods and services in different markets and we will normally buy on competitive basis via a Request for Quotation (RFQ), Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request to Tender (RTT), depending on our requirements.

In each case, our objective is to obtain good value for money. In addition, we aim to ensure that the approach we adopt is fair and reasonable.

All purchases by Tai Kwun shall be made with a contract or purchase order issued by the Tai Kwun Procurement Team.


How to Become a Supplier of Tai Kwun

Interested parties may contact our Procurement Team via regarding our supplier registration requirements.


Examples of Potential Areas of Procurement

Marketing ► Marketing, Advertising, Design, Promotional and Printing Services.
Information and Communication Technology ► Computer Hardware, Software & Peripherals, Information Technology Services, Telecommunication Equipment.
Facilities Management ► General Facilities Management tools and equipment, Interior Fitting Out / Contracting Services, Furniture & Furnishing, Audio Visual Equipment, Exhibition Services.
Director's Office ► Stationery & Office Equipment, Forwarding Services.