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Tai Kwun immerses visitors in the rich heritage of the historic Central Police Station compound. More than 180 years of the site’s multiple histories will unfold through guided tours, heritage exhibitions, and a range of learning and participatory programmes.

The Heritage Department aims to connect visitors to the heritage site and to inform layered legacies that link the past, present, and future. As community asset, our site inspires diverse programming for all demographics. We welcome the public to discover Tai Kwun’s heritage significance, especially young people who hold the key to creating a better future.  

Our Offerings

Heritage Exhibitions
Thematic Exhibitions
School Activities
Tai Kwun Conversations
Guided Tour
Heritage Exhibitions

The permanent exhibition tell you about the history, stories and people relevant to the site, while the sitewide “Building History” and “Tai Kwun Tales” plaques allow a quick glimpse of the stories behind each building, and anecdotes about the compound. Wherever you go, you can always learn about the past and present days of Tai Kwun.

Thematic Exhibitions

Tai Kwun is where you can understand our culture, history, and community. Through thematic exhibitions, Tai Kwun embraces our community, our culture and our city.

Virtual tours are now available for you to revisit the exhibitions:

School Activities

Tai Kwun is a valuable educational resource which holds enormous learning opportunities for all age groups. Turn your visits into experiences. Take an active role in acquiring knowledge about history, people, society, heritage conservation, sustainability, and the development of further capabilities beyond heritage.

We offer the following programmes, which give you a variety of learning resources:

  • School Guided Tour
  • Self-guided School Tour
  • Courtroom Theatre
  • Teachers’ Workshop
  • Teachers’ Resource Handbook
Tai Kwun Conversations

Tai Kwun Conversations provides a forum for experts and professionals to share their knowledge, insight, and experience, and to stimulate more dialogue and connectivity with peers and public. Encompassing a wide range of themes and issues related to the arts and heritage, our regular conversations inform up-to-date best practices and unique perspectives in our various fields. Join Tai Kwun at this regular event in the intimate setting of the JC Cube and meet heritage conservationists, architects, visual and performing artists, creative industry professionals, and academics from Hong Kong and around the world for an informative and stimulating experience. Each talk will be filmed for subsequent release online. You are also invited to mingle and chat with the guest speakers and other audience members for an informal social gathering after the event.

Guided Tour

Joining the daily “Tai Kwun Guided Tour” enables you to get a brief understanding of the site, including its development, stories and conservation works, in 45 minutes. With the tour as a starting point, you are encouraged to further explore and discover the unique character and heritage significance of the compound.

Past Programmes