Performing Arts at Tai Kwun

By transforming the historic site into a unique performance venue, Tai Kwun presents the local arts scene with signature programmes—distinctive, innovative and inspiring works and activities. Across a range of performing arts, Tai Kwun strives to expand audiences and push for the accessibility of the arts, all the while fostering exchange and collaboration across different fields of artistic endeavour. Tai Kwun provides training, opportunities and exposure for local artists, thereby improving local artistic practice.


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Meticulously curated for arts lovers and arts practitioners alike, Tai Kwun Preforming Arts Season features a range of highly artistic programmes from Hong Kong and overseas. Taking place from September to October every year, the Season actively commissions local productions, providing the platform and resources to nurture our homegrown talents and create new works for the unique environment of Tai Kwun. Meanwhile, overseas artists are invited to present innovative performances and foster collaborations and exchange with local artists, enriching the diversity of performing arts in Hong Kong.​

This Victoria Has No Secrets  (2018)

Confine  (2018) 
© Mak Cheong Wai @ Moon9image​

© Ka Lam @ Moon9image​

Disco Teca  (2018) © Mak Cheong Wai
@ Moon9image

Remote Hong Kong  (2018) ​
© Thomas Lin​

Titus Andronicus 2.0  (2018)

Dream Team  (2019) ​
©  Winnie Yeung @ Visual Voices

Please, Continue (Hamlet)  (2019)​
© Chi Wai @ Moon9image

Happily Ever After Nuclear Explosion  (2019)
© Winnie Yeung @ Visual Voices

Tri Ka Tsai  (2019)​​ © Chi Wai
@ Moon9image​

Set against the festive backdrop of Christmas and New Year, Tai Kwun Circus Plays is one of the city’s most anticipated events from late December to early January. Gathering the best contemporary circus artists, street artists and jugglers in town and all over the world, Circus Plays showcases the latest trend in circus arts. Filled with exhilarating performances and inspiring workshops, Circus Plays invites audience to experience the arts by themselves.

Family Circus and Workshops (2018)

A Simple Space by Gravity & Other Myths (2018) 

© Winnie Yeung @ Visual Voices

SIGMA by Gandini Juggling (2018)​

Circus Playground (2019)​

LOOP by Compagnie Stoptoï (2019)​​

Ting-Koo-Ki Mad Skills Battle (2019)​​

Ting-Koo-Ki Mad Skills Battle (2019)​​

Echoing the values behind Tai Kwun’s revitalisation, Tai Kwun actively collaborates with artists with specialised focuses in the community and reaches out to the community through various arts programmes:

  • Every Life Is A Song (2018) is a collaboration between Tai Kwun, singer-songwriter Vicky Fung and lyricist Yiu-Fai Chow. Led by professional music practitioners, the project recruited local young creative talents and offered them coaching on research and song-writing. The young people delved into the neighbourhood of Central and Western districts, collecting the life stories of the elderly and transformed them into songs. The project encompassed a series of story-telling sessions, radio broadcasts, concerts and a special Christmas performance, connecting the community and charting the history of our city through music.

  • ÉLAN Lost Child Project HK (2020) is a collaboration between Tai Kwun, O Theatre Workshop and Dream of Tomorrow. Based on “The Lost Child Project” (1997) developed by physical theatre master and educator David Glass, the Hong Kong edition assembled the joint efforts of artists, scholars and the community to look into the mental health of youngsters and grown-ups through an eclectic programme of dance, theatre, music, masterclasses and open forums. Presented in a hybrid online and on-site model, the project aims to ignite -creative power across communities.

Every Life Is A Song (2018)​© Jeremy Cheung

Every Life Is A Song (2018)​© Winnie Yeung



ÉLAN Lost Child Project HK (2020)​

Utilising the unique spaces of Tai Kwun, special outdoor programmes are designed to offer audience an exclusive cultural experience in the heart of our city:

  • Herbert’s Dream (2018) features mysterious stilted figures that grow and transform into billowing masses, creating a dreamy, magical world befitting of the art and heritage space of Tai Kwun.

  • Projekt Berlin (2019) celebrates Berlin through light installations, live concerts, film screenings, public art and flashmob performances. Despite everything that history has thrown in its way, Berlin has found its voice in every age.

Dreamlike Horses (2018)​

Dreamlike Horses (2018)​

Herbert’s Dream (2018)​​© Winnie Yeung@iMAGE28

Herbert’s Dream (2018)​​© Winnie Yeung@iMAGE28

Projekt Berlin: Ute Lemper’s Berlin Nights (2019)​© Visual Voices

Projekt Berlin: Württemberg Chamber Orchestra Heilbronn (2019)​© TR Concept

Tai Kwun is located at the heart of Central, Hong Kong. Not only do we aim to cultivate people's appreciation of performing arts, we also aim to encourage their engagement in performing arts in their daily lives. We believe that participation is the most effective way to experience art.

Our regular performing arts programmes include:

Afternoon Series​© TR Concept & Visual

Saturday Music at Laundry Steps​​© TR Concept & Visual

Saturday Music at Laundry Steps​​© TR Concept & Visual

Sunday Movie Steps​

We are always looking out for great ideas and performances, as well as new possibilities and forms of collaboration. As a special site where works can be showcased, Tai Kwun is always open for collaboration.


British Council: SPARK (2019))

Hong Kong Ballet @ Tai Kwun (2018)​​© Jason Ma @JsGraphic

HKArtsFestival@Taikwun (2018)​© Cheung Wai Lok

HKArtsFestival@Taikwun (2018)

Past Programmes